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Ziddi is called obstinate in English, Basically this word used to refer a person who determined to complete a task or wants a thing once he/she makes up a mind weather the task or want is good or bad for the person. That person who always refuse to change his decision is called Ziddi.

So, Here we have some ziddi quotes related to our daily life. Some are Attitide Ziddi quotes, otherhand some are motivational ziddi quotes which are describes a person’s attitude and motivates a person to achieve his destination respectively.

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Ziddi Quotes in Hindi

जिद्दी उस बात की भी,
जिस बात को पाना है ।।
जिद्दी तो बहत हूँ,
इसलिए कहती हूं,
मुझसे बचकर रहा करो ।।
वहां तूफान भी हार जाते हैं,
जहाँ कास्तियां ज़िद्द पे होती है ।।
ज़िद्दी बनो,
अपनी मंजिल चूं लो ।।
फरेबी भी हूँ जिद्दी भी हूँ बदनाम भी
मासूमियत खो दी मैंने वफा करते करते ।।