50+very Heart Touching Love Hurt Sad Quotes About Life and Pain in English

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It’s Hard to Forget Someone
That Gives You So Much Remembers.
I Never Feel Alone Because
Loneliness Is Always with Me.
Never Put Your Happiness
in Someone Else’s Hands..
My Silence Spoke a Thousand Words
but You Never Heard Them.
I Get Lost Inside My Mind
The Most Painful Memory
When I Walked Away and
You Let Me Go.
I Feel Crappy Inside
Like Something Just Broke.
I Act Like
I Don’t Care but
Deep Inside It Hurts.
I Don’t Care for People
Who Don’t Care for Me.
If You Left Me Without a Reason
Do Not Come Back with an Excuse.
I Don’t Want to Feel Sad
but Life Forced Me to Become Sad.
I Don’t Care for People,
 Who Don’t Care for Me.
I Act Like
I Don’t Care but
Deep Inside It Hurts.
Invisible Tears Are the
Hardest to Wipe Away.
No One Notices Your Sadness
and Tear but They Notice Your Mistake.
Being Ignored
Worst Feeling Ever.
Sometimes Sitting Alone Remove Sadness.
You Always Get Hurt
the Moment You Begin to Care.
Only Love Can Hurt Like This.
Sometimes It’s Better to Be Alone..
Nobody Can Hurt You.
I Never Stop Loving I Just Stop Showing It.
My Silence Is Just
Another Word for My Pain.
Tears Come from Heart Not from the Brain.
Don’t Cry for the Person
Who Doesn’t Know
Your Value of Tear.